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Envy Prodigy X Street Black free stand and wax

Envy Prodigy X Street Black

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The New prodigy S10 Street  is here

Tenth in the serie Biggest Upgrade

Brand new extech Extusion

Metal Box Ends

Low Stack Headset

Streamlined PX Headtube

Sector Wheels 120mm/26mm

Improved Griptape

Larger and Lighter

Total Weight: 3.585KG/7.9LB

Total Length: 735mm/28.9 Inch

Total Height 900mm/35.4 Inch

Foot Space:385mm/15.15 Inch



Deck: 5.2 X 21 Inch

Bar: Fully Butted T 24.4

Fork Diamond SCS

Wheels: 120mm / 26mm

Clamp: Essential SCS

Brake:  Nylon Flex

Headset: Low Stack Integrated

Headtube Angle: 83.5 Degrees