• Trynyty - Grips Quick view


    Trynyty - Grips

    Our Trynyty Grips feature a long comfortable pattern with a clean swirl PU mixture to give you a comfortable grip that is made to last. They include 2 grips & 2 bar ends featuring a Printed T logo. 

  • Tilt Topo Two - Grips Quick view


    Tilt Topo Two - Grips

    Tilt Topo Two Freestyle Scooter Grips The Topo Two Grips builds off of an inverted Topo Grip. Instead of the ribs being thick and the spacing thin, the Topo Two Grips have thin ribs and wider rib spacing. The result is a soft and comfortable grip. The...

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    Fusion Hex Grips Black Quick view

    Fuzion Scooters

    Fuzion Hex Grips

    Stop riding thin, skinny grips and get your hands on the Hex. The new grip from Fuzion is going to change your ride with its super-wide design and extra plush feel. The Hex is perfect for any riding style. Our trademark Hex pattern takes this classic...

    $14.99 $18.95
  • Tilt Metra Grip Safety  Yellow Quick view


    Tilt Metra Grip Safety

    The perfect grips Designed with comfort in mind. With its thin ribs and wide rib spacing, the Metra grip is the perfect blend of soft and durable. The ribbed pattern on the Metra grip is inspired by the connecting public transport lines running...

  • Hella Grip Summit Grips Quick view

    Hella Grip

    Hella Grip Summit Grips

    Summit Handlebar Grips While many of the Homies still prefer the denser pattern of the Broadway Grip, we appreciated the suggestion that we design a product with a bit more sensitivity. The Summit Grip offers a softer and squishier silhouette compared...

  • Will Scott Grips Quick view

    Envy Scooters

    Will Scott Grips

    Envy Will Scott Grips Another fresh rider collaboration has dropped. We’ve teamed up with Envy Pro Rider Will Scott to create a premium range of hand grips for all riders, whether you’re beginner, intermediate or advanced. Combining...

  • Aztek Grips Lite Black Quick view

    Aztek Scooter

    Aztek Grips Lite Black

    Aztek's all new grip was designed with functionality, simplicity, and weight savings in mind. Ribs are optimized for softness and sweat-wicking. Tighter fit than usual to keep them from slipping on your bars. Perfect for the rider looking to...

  • Lucky Vicegrips 2.0 Pro-grips Quick view

    Lucky Vicegrips 2.0 Pro-grips

    Lucky ViceGrips™ 2.0 - Soft, grippy, AND stylish Grips are grips you might think, but at Lucky we feel grips are the connection between you and your scooter. Some grips are grippy but ugly, some look good but get sweaty easy. Some...

  • Envy Grips V2 2021 Quick view

    Envy Scooters

    Envy Grips V2 2021

    Envy Scooter Grips V.2.0 2021 Envy Grips are Super Soft, Envy Grips Have No FlangesEnvy Grips are Extra Long (160mm/6.3")Envy Grips are Soft & SquishyEnvy Grips are Super Comfortable

  • Oath Bermuda Grips 165mm Quick view

    Oath Scooter

    Oath Bermuda Grips 165mm

    2-WAY GRIP: Introducing the Bermuda grip, a two way feeling grip which keeps your hands in position and ready to trick GRIP 1: It has deep grooves for a vast amount of grip and creates less sweaty hands GRIP 2: It then transitions into a our Oath...

  • Hella Grip Broadway Grips Blue Quick view

    Hella Grip

    Hella Grip Broadway Grips Blue

    Hella Grip - Broadway Grips (Black) Thick, Crisscross Hatch Pattern for extra firm grip and enhanced grip life 178mm grip length Symmetrical pattern with groove-guides for easily cutting down grip length Matching pair of OG Sloth end...

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    Eretic Grip Black Quick view

    Eretic Snowscoot

    Eretic Grip Black

    Eretic Grips for the Eretic complete snowscoots and Street or Freestyle scooter Durable grip Lock for easy install 160mm long.Lock all system.Torx key included.

    $19.99 $22.99
  • Vital Grips Quick view


    Vital Grips

    Vital is a brand new company that was created by Envy! For their first product release, they decided to go simple and drop a few grip tape designs and these super comfy hand grips. 160mm Long Nylon barends

  • Aztek Grips Quick view

    Aztek Scooter

    Aztek Grips

    Aztek Grips | 190mm | The Aztek Scooters 2020 range is a thing of beauty and showcases some of the most advanced design and production techniques our industry has seen. Aztek Scooter Grips were created with the riders comfort in mind and contours...