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  • Oath Stalker 115mm Neo Gold (9320430533444) Quick view

    Oath Scooter

    Oath Stalker 115mm Neo Gold

    The Stalker wheel is available with a height of 115mm and a 24mm core width, creating a better ‘grab’ to the ground, delivering the advantage of a broader turn at higher speeds. The Stalker Wheel comes fitted with high grade Oath Fidelity...

  • AO Pentacle Wheel 115/30MM Quick view

    AO Pentacle Wheel 115/30MM

    Pentacle 115/30 Wider wheels are gaining in popularity as they offer more control, are more comfortable and “manuals and backlashes feel amazing with them” as one of our pros put it. The width at the core is still 24 mm so they fit on...