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Tilt Scooter

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    Tilt Passage Built Quick view


    Tilt Passage Build

    Passage Build The Passage Build is a park-biased complete. Unlock new combos with a lightweight and balanced setup thanks to the cutout deck bottom and oversized aluminum handlebars. The nylon dropouts minimize weight while enabling tricks like 5-0's...

    $379.99 $459.99
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    Tilt Theorem Built Quick view

    Tilt Theorem Build

    The Theorem Build is a ride-everything complete. Cruise into every obstacle and unlock every grind with the 30×120 wheels and 6.0 × 22.0" deck. The welded dropouts unlock 5-0's, and the wide deck smooths out essential grinds. The cut deck...

    $419.99 $459.99
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    Tilt Theorem Complete Scooter Black Quick view

    Tilt Theorem Complete Scooter Black

    The Theorem Complete is designed for the dedicated rider. Scooters are built off the deck, and this setup features a simplified version of Tilt’s innovative Theory Deck. Features include soft Metra grips, medium grit griptape, oversized aluminum...

    $379.99 $429.99