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AO Sachem S2 5.35" Deck New Releases

AO Sachem S2 5.35" Deck New Releases

Posted by Hubert on 12th Apr 2018

New from AO Sachem S2 5.35 available soon at metrikx.caThe S2 is 5.35” wide which provides for more control over your deck and a more comfortable ride. New aluminum drop outs are literally i … read more
Primo V4 Complete

Primo V4 Complete

Posted by Hubert on 3rd Apr 2018 are proud to annonce that the new Urbanartt complete scooter are now availabe in Canada. They are available in 5 colors.This are the product description:Deck: 21" x 4.7"Handlebar: 22.5" T x … read more

How To Install Peg on Scooter !!!

Posted by Junior Mechanics and Designer of Sport Xtreme parts. on 12th Jan 2016

Why the Metrikx Pegs are the best parts on the market?Fit Almost on any scooter Brands.Very Light.Nut and Thread inside the peg, reduces the risk of injury.Possibility of two pegs by side for a t … read more

Delivery Time

Posted by Hub on 15th Feb 2014

Hi,If you want to know how much time to receive your scooter or anything else, we have this link for Canada Post website.Put J2C1N8 in the Postal Code box.CANADA POSTThe Free Shipping is always with C … read more