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    Apex Scooter

    Apex Coopegs Pegs

    APEX COOPEGS PEGS | PAIR All new pegs from the team over at Apex Pro Scooters. The Apex Coopegs were designed, inspired, & tested by Apex Pro Rider Cooper Elgar. The pegs are made from Apex Australian-made aluminium, and come with high tensile...

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  •  Apex Grind Pegs Quick view

    Apex Scooter

    Apex Grind Pegs

    Made from 7000 series aircraft aluminium – strong, durable and light. Designed in conjunction with Billie Rainbow, tested by Billie Rainbow & Codie Donovan. A universal peg that works on both street & park. These Pegs will fit...

  • Apex Barnaynay Pegs Quick view

    Apex Scooter

    Apex Barnaynay Pegs

    Where deck clearance is an issue, the barnaynay pegs from Apex is just the thing, at almost half of the length (37mm) of the bowie and the grind pegs these will not hit the deck on a bar spin. Made from 7000 Series Aircraft Aluminium – Strong,...