Root Industries Invictus aluminium RTR Bar Etch Black

Root Industries Invictus aluminium RTR Bar Etch Black

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RTR (Ready To Ride) is a category in which you will find different combinations of bars, grips, bar ends and clamps already assembled together at a fair price.

RTR products are for the riders that do not want to deal with having to find the right size of clamp, smashing bar ends in and installing grips the hard way at home.

Since the parts come assembled together, RTR products are not available for return, they are final sales.

Make sure your scooter has the right compression and diameter to fit the RTR kit you ordered!



- Root Industries invictus V2 ALUMINIUM BARS

- Height : 24'

- Width : 23'

- Slit : yes

- Compression :IHC

- Diameter : Oversized on the outside, standard on the inside (as all aluminium bars). Therefor needs ihc fork and oversized clamp to fit.

- Comes with Root Industries air R2 grips & bar ends in black

- Comes with Root Industries lithium black double clamp oversized