Ethic artefact V2 Blue

Ethic artefact V2 Blue

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Ethic Artefact V2 Pro Scooter

The Ethic Artefact V2 is perfect light and strong pro scooter for the up and coming park rider. The Artefact V2 is one of the top of the line completes available. It comes incredibly dialed right out of the box while still very light, making it much easier to land tricks and progress. The first version of the scooter sold for $300 making the V2 a great value. It is very hard to go wrong with this complete. We have loved it since it's first form and we are sure you will love the new and improved V2.

The Ethic Artefact V2 is without a doubt one of the lightest scooters on the market. The wheels are bigger and wider than the previous model meaning they have a much longer life span. This scooter runs ICS which is the lightest compression. The deck is a bit longer and wider for a more comfortable ride. Weighing in at only 7.4 pounds, this scooter is very durable and can withstand a heap amount of impact! These aftermarket Dynasty bars are really light weight yet very strong due to the gussets that help the bar be stronger than ever. If youre looking for a great quality and light weight scooter, the Artefact V2 is the way to go.


Heigth 85 cm
Length 21.25" / 540 mm
Width 4,56" / 116 mm
Weight 3380 g
Deck design One-piece integrated, 6061 T6 aluminium, 82,5° headtube angle, 8 mm axle diameter, Flex fender brake
Bar dimensions Oversized (35 mm), 620 mm (24,5") high, 560 mm (22") wide
Bar design 6061 T6 aluminium, 3° backsweep, 0° upsweep
Fork One-piece, Uden gevind, Aluminium, ICS-10, Double clamp
Wheels 110 mm, W24 mm, Spoked alu core, Round profile, Bearing not specified, 88A hardness