Envy Prodigy S8  RTR Deck - Nebula

Envy Prodigy S8 RTR Deck - Nebula

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RTR (Ready To Ride) is a cateory in which you will find different combinations of either :

- bars, grips, bar ends and clamps

- decks and griptapes

- Forks, headset bearings and all spacers or rings & special tools needed

Already assembled together at a fair price!

RTR products are for the riders that do not want to deal with the hastle of installing certain new parts when they come on your doorstep & Figure out if the parts in your cart fits together or not. Therefor makes it alot easier to build your custom builds online!

Since the parts come assembled together, RTR products are not available for return, they are final sales.

Make sure your scooter has the right wheel size/compression/ fork diameter to fit the RTR kit you ordered!



Envy Prodigy S8 Nebula deck

Length : 19.7''

Width : 4.72''

Headtube angle : 82.5

Weight : 3lbs 5oz

Envy black nylon brake

Comes with pre-cut pre-installed Envy blank griptape