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    Metrikx Custom Complete Gold Monster Quick view


    Metrikx Custom Complete Gold Monster

    Lucky EVO J Burkland Sig Deck 149.99 PROTO - Classic slaYer V3 PROTO (28"H x 24"W) (RAW/Clear) 124.99 PROTO Sentinel SCS Gold 84.99 Ethic Incube Wheels 110mm Black 69.99 Havoc Integrated Headsets Black 34.99 Ethic Fork Merrow V2 SCS/HIC 109...

    $499.99 $603.99
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    Eretic Complete Snowscoot Slope Quick view

    Eretic Snowscoot

    Eretic Complete V2 Snowscoot Slope

    New Eretic Snowscoot, lot of minor changes, new griptape, now pins on the deck. The deck and bar are longer et wider. Slope skis, mostly made for tricks. Alu pivotal fork, integrated headset, lock all grips. Weight: 11.37 lbs (5160g)Deck Lenght:...

    $579.99 $674.99
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    Ethic Acteon Wheels Raw Quick view

    Ethic DTC Scooter

    Ethic Acteon Wheels Raw

    Pick up a set of the all-new Ethic Acteon wheels and you'll be flying through any skatepark you go to! They'll look good on practically any Pro Scooter and since they're 110mm they'll fit on most too! They feature a super cool core design that you really...

    $104.99 $119.99
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    Lucky IHC Huracan Fork NeoChrome Quick view

    Lucky Scooter

    Lucky IHC Huracan Fork NeoChrome

    The NEW IHC HURACAN™ Fork. The latest and the greatest fork in the Industry. Built to last and perfect for every pro scooter that has a front wheel! The Lucky HURACAN™ IHC scooter fork was designed after we saw a huge request in the...

    $79.99 $104.99
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    Envy 5 Spoke Wheels 120mm Black/Chrome/Black Quick view

    Envy Scooters

    Envy 5 Spoke Wheels 120mm Black/Chrome/Black

    The evolution of scooters is always progressing and Envy are at the forefront of the push! Their new 120mm wheels give faster cruising speeds as well as better pop through takeoff and many of the older riders in the sport have moved towards these larger...

    $64.99 $89.99
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    Madd Gear MGP 120mm Vicious Wheels Purple Quick view

    MGP Madd Gear

    Madd Gear MGP 120mm Vicious Wheels Purple

    The high quality Vicious Wheels, as seen on high end VX6 model scooters MGP offers amazing durability coupled with cutting edge core design, in co-ordinating colors, creating one of the best looking scooter wheels ever made. Specs: 88a High rebound...

    $69.99 $79.99
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    Raptor Standard Bars Quick view


    Raptor Standard Bars

    Raptor’s popular Standard Bars are back in stock. Stronger and bigger than ever: The new Raptor STD bar is made of chromoly steel, they come in 26.75" tall and 24.5" wide. Raptor Standard Bars feature zero back sweep and a...

    $76.99 $99.99
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    Fasen Grip Purple Quick view

    Fasen Scooter

    Fasen Grip Purple

    These are made with a slightly softer compound than most grips, allowing you to nail your tricks without damaging your hands!Features:   - Ridden by Brendon Smith - Made from a Soft Compound - Available in a range of sick colours - Includes...

    $4.99 $13.99