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Metrikx Thunder Pegs Gold With Black Axle

Metrikx Thunder Pegs Gold With Black Axle

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Metrikx Thunder Pegs 

  • These Pegs will fit most of the decks on the market, no washers needed

  • 6061 Heat-Treated Aluminium

  • Designed for Perfect Grinds

  • Hard-Wearing and light

  • Axles 12.9 grade with Nylon LockNut

  • These scooter pegs include 1 x 70mm high tensil axle and 1 x90mm high tensil axle!

  • Set Of 2 Pegs and 2 Axle

  • Easy to install on freestyle scooter

  • Proudly made in Canada

  • Weight: One Peg = 1oz/29g, the lightest pegs!!!

  • Designed in Canada with the help of scooter riders


Made in Canada


Bolts for:

  • Havoc Arthemis: Front wheel: 80mm  Rear Wheel: 110mm
  • Lucky Prospect: Rear Wheel: 90mm + 1 Spacer of 3mm